Best Long Hairstyles for Girl

The unavoidable rise of long hair continues with the addition of new generation straight and sporty models to the voluminous and flashy hairstyles that are favorite of all periods. The best long hair selections from the red carpet can be a good idea for invitations and parties.

What are the most stylish long hairstyles for women?

What women love most is playing with their hair. For women who do not hesitate to reflect their mood to their hair, the meaning of the hair is great. Let’s start with the unusual hairstyles that attract a lot of attention recently, rather than the models we use in daily life:

African braid

African knitting, which we come across with different thicknesses and colors, is one of the popular choices of recent times.

African wave (Afro wave)

This hairstyle, which adds natural curls to the hair, makes long hair look shorter.


An interesting choice for those who want to reflect this spirit of model who wants courage!


It is a model in which hair is knitted closest to the scalp.

Modern knitting models

One of the hairstyles that require talent…


It can be applied as single or double weave according to the demand and hair structure.

Herringbone mace model

It is a great way to add a romantic look to your hair that you weave with her back.


This style, in which the horsetail model we know is enriched with the braid, will be the most stylish choice to save the day.

Natural waves

After the shower, you can use your hair with natural volume and wave with hair cream.