Black & White Simple Minimalist Fashion

Minimalist style clothing

“More is more!” If you are one of those who say, you can review the style tips in this article.

Although minimalism is the rising trend of recent years, it is actually a philosophy of life. Owning is a trend that will prevent consumption madness. If you intend to control the urge to have something just to satisfy your ego, you can start this job right from your closet. So how to create a minimalist style?

Neutral tones and basic parts

A minimalist style usually consists of neutral shades. If you prefer grays and dark blue as side colors with plenty of black and white in your closet, it is much easier to adapt to this style. Besides the basic colors, you should be able to adapt the clothes you have both for the day and night. For example, if you can wear a black dress at night and use it daily in the morning, you can easily get used to a minimalist lifestyle.

Capsule wardrobe

The essential part of the minimalist style is the capsule wardrobe. It will be much easier to adapt to this style after creating your capsule wardrobe.

Timeless clothes

The most important element of the minimalist style is timeless pieces. In your clothing shopping, you should buy classic pieces that will never go out of fashion instead of the latest trends. In this way, you will achieve a sophisticated look and create a unique effortless yet elegant style. It is useful to stay away from detailed, extravagant and remarkable pieces.

Shoes and accessories

You should also choose classics in your shoe and accessory selection. Still, if you want to make a madness, you can do it here. If you have a gadget that usually consists of solid colors, you can add color to your style by using animal patterns or different colors in your shoes. You can get support with small stone rings, thin bracelets and necklaces in your jewelry.

Good quality but little

Being minimalist doesn’t mean not paying for clothes. The parts you bought should be worn for a very long time, and their wear should be low and their seams should be strong. This means that you need to allocate some budget for your clothing. However, instead of reserving this amount every month, you can reserve it as your clothing gets old. So you are actually dressed more stylishly with less budget. On the other hand, quality parts are parts that you can dispose of and create a budget. Thus, you can add a new one instead of selling it not only when it is old but also when you are bored.