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Perfumes that have expired users or or perfume storage conditions There is only one question in mind of those who do not know about it; Does the perfume spoil? This is a pertinent question. Because in the wrong storage conditions, perfumes their quantity decreases, their chemistry deteriorates, their notes disappear and their fragrances change. Bride Does the perfume spoil Let’s examine the question in more detail.

Does the perfume spoil?

Fragrance deterioration most on the subject does the perfume spoil from heat or cold The question is asked. Yes it breaks unfortunately. Storage conditions that are too cold and too hot cause perfumes to deteriorate. But let alone cold, perfumes spoil more than hot. The answer to the question of how many degrees should the perfume be stored is 20 degrees and below. In other words, it should be stored in “cool” places. But it should not be in extreme cold. Heat and light are the biggest enemies of perfume. The amount of perfumes that are not protected from these two elements decrease and their chemistry deteriorates. Therefore, they need to be stored at consistent temperatures and have minimal exposure to light. In addition, it should not be exposed to heat changes by keeping it in its box. How to store perfume If you want to get more detailed information, perfume preservation methods Be sure to read our article below.

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How do we know if the perfume is spoiled?

Perfumes that are exposed to heat and light, but also stored in bad conditions, deteriorate. That’s why Does the perfume spoil We can definitely say yes to the question. Well How do we know if the perfume is spoiled? If the perfume deteriorates less, its permanence values ​​decrease; And when we think that perfumes have notes, some notes disappear. If it spoils too much, the smell sourish and plastic begins to become a kind of. So if your perfume is spoiled, you will definitely notice it; It doesn’t smell like you first bought it.

Do perfumes have an expiration date?

Yes. Perfumes have an expiration date. This date is divided into two as the date written on the product and the unpacking date. Primarily How to understand the expiry date written on the perfume Let’s understand it.

These codes may seem confusing to you, as this expiry date is not clearly written. For example, on the perfume 1809290 code 02.09.2018 It was produced as the product number 90 in history. So the first code indicates the year, the second code the month, the third code day. The last code indicates the order of the product.

These codes are also available in other styles. e.g D17H15 Let’s look at the code. This time the letter D indicates the month, the year 17, and the 14 after the day the day.

Note: If none of these codes are available; If you bought it from a reliable place and maintained it well, perfumes can last for 3 years on average.

Learning the expiration date of perfumes

If you can’t decode the codes, Cosmetic Calculater You can find out the expiration date of your perfume and when it was produced by logging into the website. A code with numbers and letters, just like the above, will be on the box of the perfume. To this code Batch Code It is called. Not all brands and models are listed, and you can test whether the perfume is fake or not.

Today Does the perfume spoil We tried to answer the question. If you have a question, do not forget to leave a comment.

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