Eyes on you: Accessory use tips to attract attention with your style

Do you want to impress your surroundings and attract attention with your appearance? It is not possible to achieve this only with a beautiful outfit. The subtleties are hidden in detail, and even a single accessory can make a big difference to your look. The secret to enjoying this fascinating effect of accessories is in knowing how to use them.

Here are the accessory usage tips that will draw your attention even with a small twinkle:

1. Modernize your jewelry

Although accessory trends are changing; Jewelry, which makes sense and has a spiritual value, manages to be indispensable for life. For example, we can prefer jewelry that reflects spiritual values ​​such as Fatma Ana Eli, which we have frequently seen in designs recently, to modern designs of today; or you can use the jewelry that is valuable for you by adjusting it to your style.

2. Don’t be afraid to combine your daily jewelry with special pieces

Your jewelry is part of the style, so your personality; if you also have jewelry that you use often and identify with you. Therefore, do not hesitate to combine your daily and frequent jewelery with special pieces. In this way, you can carry your favorite accessories with you in your most special moments.

3. Feel free to use the differences together

White, yellow, rose, gold, diamond… Do not be afraid to use accessories of different materials and colors together. Mix as much as you like until you find a combination you love. You can use all your rings together or wear necklaces of different colors made of white gold, yellow gold and rose gold on your neck.

4. If you like to use more than one jewelry, try to adapt between pieces

The ” Less is more ” rule may not apply in all circumstances; especially when it comes to accessories… The key to using multiple jewelery together is as follows: Make sure that every piece you choose adds value to your skin.

For example, when it comes to necklaces, you can increase the number as many times as you want. It can even be said that the more, the better. Moreover, these necklaces do not have to be the same color, same length.

5. Use small and thin rings together, big rings alone

Since large rings can attract the attention of the other person at first glance, using more than one large ring together can create an exaggerated appearance. However, this does not apply to small rings. You can use your stylish and elegant little rings together, which attract the attention of the attentive eyes, by putting different rings on your different fingers, you can make a creative touch to your style.

6. When choosing jewelry, turn to pieces that have a special meaning for you

When choosing your jewelry, be careful to choose a design that makes sense for you. In this way, you can create a separate story with each accessory on you and give your jewelry the opportunity to integrate more with you. You can look for this harmony in both the stones on your jewelry and the design elements. For example, if you believe that green color is good for you, choose jewelry that uses emerald stone. If designs such as the ring, eye figure have a story for you, do not forget to follow this story.

7. Don’t underestimate your own creative power

Never underestimate your own creativity while using accessories. If the accessories you carry on make you feel good, this positive effect will also be reflected on those around you. Apart from that, you can transform your accessories using your creativity. You can use a ring that you have not used for a long time as a pendant and anklet your wrists.

8. Quality and timeless parts are always savior

If you are bored with your jewelry and want some change, remember that timeless pieces are always the savior. If you want to use some more trendy pieces, be sure not to compromise on quality this time. The reason is very simple; No matter how modern a piece is, you can use a quality jewelry for a long time. A quality jewelry will lose nothing of its value even if time passes.