How Often Is It Necessary To Cut The Hair?

Fine hair, layered hair, straight hair, curly hair or bangs… Whenever the hair is cut, it grows faster? So, how often is it necessary to cut the hair depending on the hairstyle and hair length? Depending on the haircut, hair texture and the thickness of the hair strands, the frequency of haircuts can vary for the hair to look good. Frequency of haircuts according to the type of hair

Which one are you ..? Is it one of those who cut their hair once a week, or do haircuts like me once a year (and even longer!) But come to mind? It may be the hairstyle that determines this situation, but hair experts say that the secret of having healthier, stronger and even longer hair is to cut hair regularly. Since the hair is composed of cretanized protein, that is, it has a living structure like other parts of the body, they wear out over time, at which point the importance of “getting it off the ends” and  what you need to know before cutting the hair  becomes clear. 

It turns out to be a more important issue than regular hair masks and hair treatments, thanks to experts who say that there are some general rules that vary depending on the current haircut, hair texture and the thickness of the hair strands for the hair to look good. So, how often is it necessary to cut the hair depending on the hairstyle and hair length? Here are the details;

How Often Is It Necessary To Cut Hair?

  • To Ensure Hair Growth 

According to experts, the time required for this was between six and 8 weeks. At first it seemed a little unreasonable to me. However, longer and healthier hairs were produced as the broken and thinning at the end of the hair strands were prevented by cutting the ends of the hair frequently. If you have very thin or very swollen hair, or if you often dye and style your hair with heat, these types of corrections may be needed more often as these hair types tend to break.

Regardless of the length or texture, the signs that it’s time to take a nap; 

There are some symptoms that you should consider, regardless of whether the hair is long, short, curly or straight. Indeed, it is best to make a correction to the hair before these signs appear. Because seeing them means that damage has already occurred, which creates more cutting obligation than necessary. If this can be avoided, the hair will always be in the healthiest and brightest form. However, sometimes it is not possible to stop the damage before it starts, so it is worth paying attention to these signs, which indicate that a haircut is needed;

  1. Separated, broken hair tips (the one we know best and the most exposed!)
  2. Hair starts to tangle easily.
  3. The ends of the hair have a sticky, almost gummy texture (do not come to this boil, of course!)
  4. The waves easily begin to lose their shape when trying to make the hair curly.
  5. Hair that does not get heavy and shapely.

So, how much can be expected to cut the hair?

Experts unite on this and set it as six months. Because no matter how well you treat hair, the ends of the hair tend to be worn.

  • How often to cut short hair?

Those who have to cut hair the most are probably those with short hair. It is necessary to cut with a time between 2 and 4 weeks, both as the pattern of the haircut is lengthened and the wearing hair is easily visible. 

  • How often to cut medium hair?

Medium length hair looks much better, especially when the contour of the face is shaped (folded cuts according to the face shape, for example…). Depending on the hair structure, the haircut range for these lengths ranges from 6 to 8 weeks.

  • How often to cut long hair?

Every six months! Longer hair requires much less care when it comes to haircuts. For this reason, many people prefer to use long hair. Of course, it is understandable to always have long hair with fewer cuts.

At this point, it is useful to make a reminder. Long hair may actually be more susceptible to breakage and wear, which means you will need to make minor adjustments in the shorter time interval specified here. To decide this, return to the first item at the beginning of the article and check that your hair does not need cutting! Finally, for thicker hair, the cutting range from the ends can be longer than for thinner hair.

  • How often should thick hair be cut?

The answer here is usually every 6 months! Because thick hair is more durable.

  • How Often Is It Necessary To Cut Curly Hair?

Curly hair, like thick stranded hair, can keep the cutting gaps longer. Because it can be much easier to shape them and hide the mistakes in it. The shape of the curls rather than the time recommended for cutting here! As the hair wears and breaks, the shape of the curls will deteriorate and weaken, which will be a sign for the cut. 

  • How often should thin hair be cut hair?

Every 4 to 6 weeks! Fine hair shows every cut and grows less than ideal. However, they may also need more frequent cutting. Because thin hair can be damaged more by heat treatment and products. 

  • How often should straight hair be cut?

Every 4 to 8 weeks. There are 2 opinions about straighter hair. One says that the fractures can be immediately apparent, and the other is that the appearance at the ends can be ignored because it is already flat   . I think the decisive hair thickness here. Because if your hair is both thin and straight, it may require more frequent cutting.

  • How Often Should Cut the Curls?

They don’t say to no avail, “a regret that does not cut bangs, a thousand regrets that cut! :)) If the carcass model ends right under the eyebrow, you may need to make a small correction for 2 weeks. For shorter models, this period may be longer than 1 month. 

  • How often should you cut hair?

The time here varies between 8 and 12 weeks. Models with folded cut reach a better appearance on average 1 month after cutting (I think!) However, depending on the hair length and hair thickness, the haircut model may start to deteriorate after 2 months.