How To Do A Pedicure At Home? What Are Foot Care Tips?

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Should he cut the cuticles? How to make a manicure and pedicure without cutting the cuticles? How to make nail care oil to strengthen the nails, prevent drying of the cuticles? How to make a pedicure at home further, what materials are needed for a pedicure? All the details are in your esportport.

We used to do a lot of things at home during the pandemic process, one of which is to make our own manicure. With the summer months coming to this, the habit of pedicure at home will have to be added. Undoubtedly, it is necessary to care for the feet that are refreshed by promoting from boots or sneakers to sandals. So, how to make a pedicure at home, even more at home, what materials are needed for a pedicure? I tried to detail all of them below as much as I can.

How To Do A Pedicure At Home?

1. Pedicure supplies at home;

Gather the materials you need, such as a straight (non-curved) nail clipper, nail file, cuticle pusher, cuticle scissors, foot mask, and cuticle oil. Don’t forget to buy your favorite nail polish to apply to clean nails after nail care. 

2. Shortening toenails

I love short cuts from both the fingernails and toenails, as I think it is more hygienic and elegant. So I use a straight nail clipper. A short filing process is enough to remove any possible roughness. If you like short nails like me and you have to file them frequently, I recommend glass files for hands and feet. 

3. Soaking the feet in water

I usually prefer to do the pedicure after the bath, but if there is no such chance, it will be necessary to soak the cuticles in some water to soften them before the cleaning phase. You can throw a few tea bags into the warm-hot water or add your favorite care products. Thus, while the cuticles and heels become soft, your feet will be rested.

4. Be nice to cuticles

For years, I have cut cuticles, cuticles, while manicures and pedicures have been done. However, with a good care in the few months we stayed at home, I got used to the care of both the toe and fingernails and I do not cut it anymore (I highly recommend it.) If you want to do this, remember that you should regularly apply care oil so that the cuticles do not dry out. 

6. Foot mask

This may be my favorite stage… After the cleansed nails and feet, either use the foot mask of a brand you like or prepare your own natural foot mask like the ones here… Sip a beautiful herbal tea during the waiting period… With the foot mask, you will extend the life of your soft skin even days after your pedicure. For example, you can do it with bananas. For details–> foot care suggestions for summer

If you notice your feet dry out often, you can also try a moisturizing mask that will nourish the skin on your soles and leave it silky smooth. 

6. Always apply one coat of base

My suggestion is always to apply a transparent base coat before your favorite nail polish. Depending on the needs of the nails, a hardening, smoothing or transparent nutrient-only nail polish can be used. It takes only a few minutes to apply and prevents discoloration and yellow nail stains from dark nail polishes. You may also consider using a moisturizing base coat formula as the toenails tend to dry out due to exposure to summer heat. Of course, you should also pay attention to fine application of this base layer. 

7. Apply nail polish

Are you one of those who like to apply nail polish in every color, or are you stuck in a few colors or shades like me? In fact, toenails are particularly suitable for bold colors, especially for the summer months (because they can be hidden if necessary!). If you are one of those who say the feet and hands should be the same color, it is useful to make the color selection by considering this. My advice after these procedures is that you never attempt to wear closed shoes or socks that day. Because even in nail polish you think is dry, traces can be easily left.

8. Long-lasting nail polish

Nail polishes on the toenails are easier to wear than on the hands. For this, a reinforcing transparent nail polish can be applied to the last layer. On the other hand, renewal can be done by applying a thin layer of nail polish in 3 or 4 days. This will allow you to use it for a long time and shine again. 

9. Cuticle oil

Do not forget to apply the cuticle oil of a brand you like or the natural cuticle oil you will prepare from time to time. This will prevent the cuticles from drying and sticking, so your next pedicure procedures will be much faster and easier. 

10. Peeling in the bathroom

Peeling is the best practice, especially to prevent the heels from hardening during each bath and to easily clean the cuticles already softened with hot water. You can use the peeling of a brand you like, or you can make your own peeling product by making a mixture of brown sugar, honey and some lemon trio.  You can even make this step easier using just a granulated coffee.