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Smell is our most memorable sensation. That’s why it’s vital to make a good impression. A difference can be made in the impression with a perfume as well as with a unique scent. However, the applied perfumes fly away in a short time and their personality deteriorates. That’s why how to spray perfume should be known well.

How does perfume last? and how to spray perfume If you are wondering, continue reading our article. Request The subtleties of using perfume!

How is perfume permanent? What are the preparations to be made before spraying perfume?

Before we get to how to spray perfume, there are a few things you should do and know. Here are those substances:

Before buying perfume:

► Before purchasing your perfume, be sure to experience the base and peak notes. Perfumes have three notes. Upper, middle and base. You get the top note instantly, but it will disappear after 5 minutes. The middle note is 10 and the base gives an idea for 15 minutes. Of course, the middle and base notes will keep itself for up to 4 hours. But 5-10-15 minutes precise information is obtained about each note within time periods.

► While trying perfume behind the wrist tighten and 20 minutes wait for a while. This way you will choose the right fragrance.

► You will buy the perfume without sniffing it, the package color of the perfume you can have a look. Bright yellow or orange hues mark spring time; dark blue, red, purple and their tones symbolize night scents.

► Maximum when choosing perfume 3 scents take care to try. After 3 odors, your nose will lose its sharpness. After that, it means making the wrong decision. If you are trying very contrasting scents, this number is 5-6. If you want to reset your nose while trying perfume coffee bean sniff. This will give you more for a while perfume trial will present the opportunity.

► If you work and live in small areas, be careful not to choose strong perfumes.

► Not all perfumes smell the same in every body. That’s why when buying perfume rather than paper, squeeze it on your body and wait for 10 minutes. Wrists are a good place to try perfume.

Before using perfume:

► Take a shower before you spray your perfume. Because the warm and clean skin means better absorption of the perfume. The pores will be opened by the shower. Also, make sure that there is no wet spot on your body after showering. If possible, apply perfume right after your shower. If you do not apply immediately afterwards, you can use perfume after applying moisturizer.

► During the shower perfume scent less one shower gel and shampoo use. In this way, the personality of the perfume will be revealed. And smells won’t clash.

Perfume to be permanent in your body and you can apply moisturizing cream to your body if you want it to reflect your personality exactly.

► Take care to apply perfume before wearing your clothes. Spraying perfume on clothing It might be a good idea but pulse points is always better. It should be borne in mind that clothes can be stained and colored with perfume.

How to squeeze the perfume?

Request how to spray perfume Those steps that can answer the question:

► Always keep it away from your body while spraying the perfume. Least 20 cm remote tighten your perfume. If you hold it too closely, the perfume will liquefy in your body.

Of blood vessels The points where it is close to the skin are the pulse points. So your perfume to the pulse points tighten. The warmth in this area will allow your perfume to continue to smell gradually. The most common of these points collarbone, wrists, behind the knee and is the neck area. It can also be applied behind the ear by squeezing a very small amount of the finger tip.

► If the perfume is not a spray type, it can be applied to the pulse with the fingertip. While doing this, be careful to do it with small soft movements and circular movements.

► At least after squeezing the perfume 10 minutes Let it dry without touching your wrists. Rubbing this area while the perfume is wet can affect the permanence and personality of the perfume.

► Do not spray too much perfume. This causes the smell to intensify and bothers people. If you think your perfume is not permanent, you can refresh it periodically.

► Even the best perfumes don’t last very long. Therefore, the scent can be applied again every four hours.

► If you think you have sprayed too much perfume on an area alcohol-based wet wipes You can clean it with. After this cleaning, you can rinse the area.


► You can make your hair smell nice by spraying a small amount of perfume on your comb. But it should not be forgotten that too much will dry your hair due to alcohol.

► Be sure to check the expiry date of your perfume. Perfumes with a pungent odor have expired.

► Keep your perfume away from sun heat and light. Because this spoils your perfume chemistry.

Today How is the perfume lasting? and how to spray perfume We answered the questions about how the perfume should be used. If there are things that you pay attention to while using perfume, do not forget to share it with us as a comment and if you like our article, do not forget to share!

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