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Anyone who uses perfumes how to store perfume He wonders the answer to the question. This curiosity is a proper curiosity; Because not keeping the perfumes in the right conditions means their amount will decrease and their chemistry will deteriorate. Users, to the expiry dates of perfumes until they think they will use them without any trouble. But perfume’s worst enemy is heat and light. It means that they are exposed to these situations, deteriorate and end. Keeping perfumes at a consistent temperature and avoiding direct contact with light increases the life of the perfume. How to store perfume If you are wondering, continue reading our article. Request perfume preservation methods!

Do not alter the bottle

Perfume should always be kept in its original bottle. Making a change in the bottle means the amount of the perfume decreases and the personality changes.

If you are traveling, this is a one-off case. Because taking your perfume in the original container on a trip will do more harm than pouring it into another bottle. Therefore, you can take with you as much as you need by choosing travel bottles that are specially produced for travels and have not been used before. In this way, you can prevent your perfume from being damaged and lost.

Pay attention to this for more than 6 months use

How to store perfume Those who have a good perfume or a favorite perfume and will not use it for a long time usually asks the question. If you will not use your perfume for more than 6 months, be sure to do what we have to say. Turn the bottle upside down, when you turn the bottle upside down, the end of the small tube inside the perfume coincides with the space. In this way, spray and let the air out. This method your perfume’s storage time will prolong it significantly.

Keep away from direct light environments

sunlight often damages perfume and perfume bottle. Therefore, take care to store your perfume in dark and dark places. A drawer or cabinet is suitable for this.

Keep it at a consistent temperature

High or extremely low temperatures directly affect the quality of your perfume. You should always keep your perfume in a place where the temperature does not change. Kitchen and bathroom are not the right places. Food and shower constantly change the temperature of these areas. The bedroom, hall or hallway are suitable areas for the warmth of perfumes. If you have a mistake in this matter, it will be good for your perfume to correct it. But if you find the right place, be careful not to constantly change it.

If it’s summerYou can store your perfume in your refrigerator. Although it is strange to see perfume in the fridge next to food and vegetables, it is acceptable that the summer heat damages perfumes. Because perfumes should be stored below 20 degrees. However, it should be kept in mind that extremely cold refrigerators can damage perfumes.

Keep your perfume away from moisture

From humid places absolutely avoid. Humidity directly affects the quality of the perfume. There is too much moisture in areas such as bathrooms. Take care that the area where you store your perfume is not damp. Storing perfume for bedroom is a good choice. If you are in your room dehumidifier If it does, it’s a perfect storage space!

Don’t throw away the perfume box

Here’s how to maintain perfume One of the crucial answers to the question; boxes! Perfume boxes are not just made to show the appeal of the product. Perfume boxes protect perfumes from light and heat. So don’t throw your perfume box away.

Make sure to close the lid of your perfume

Never forget to cover your perfume. Also, do not shake the perfume bottle. Many people shake their perfume before using it. This chemical reaction and may be harmful for prolonged use. If there is no such instruction, do not shake your perfume bottle.

Do not put up on shelves

Keep fragile bottles away from high shelves. There is no chance that your bottle will not break after it has fallen. You can increase the safety of your perfume by putting it on the lower shelves.

How to store perfume and how to keep perfume We tried to answer their questions. If there are things that you pay attention to while storing perfume, do not forget to leave a comment and share if you like our article!

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