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How to understand the original perfume or in other words how to recognize fake perfume? Sometimes we think that they are on sale or the perfumes we buy from the street vendors are fake. But with the suggestions we will share a little later, you can prevent the mistake of buying fake perfumes. Before moving on to our recommendations why fake perfume Let’s also mention that you shouldn’t use it. Since fake perfumes are not subjected to some tests, you may damage your skin, and you may be using a completely different fragrance when you think that it is close to the original. Well how to tell if the perfume is original or fake? Bride how to understand the original perfume Let’s see together.

How to know if the perfume is original?

How to recognize genuine perfume or fake perfume? Here are the things you should be careful about when purchasing perfume:

► Original perfume boxes have a cardboard box made to prevent the perfume from being damaged. Fake perfumes, on the other hand, are randomly placed in the box.

► The ink of the inscriptions on the fake perfume boxes has overflowed. On the other hand, original perfumes contain flawless and smooth texts.

► Original perfume bottles are literally flawless.

► The serial number is written on both the box and the bottle of original perfumes. In counterfeit perfumes, only the serial number may be included on the box or no serial number may be written.

► The first moment you press the spray nozzle of the perfume is very important. Fabricated productions will give an empty air sound at the first press. And after pressing 3-4 times the perfume will come. But if the perfume is delivered as soon as it prints, that perfume may be imitation.

► Fake perfume starts to sour and spread heavily 1 hour after spraying.

► Look at the tube inside the perfume. In fake or fake perfumes this tube is not clear.

► Covers of original perfumes are symmetrical in all aspects.

► Pay special attention to the embossing on the perfume. If the brand you buy attaches importance to these reliefs on every product and if these embossments are not present in the perfume you buy, the perfume may be fake.

► If the smell of alcohol and cologne is intense 15 seconds after the perfume is first sprayed, it may be fake.

► Packages other than original perfumes are perfectly sealed. But in fake perfumes this packaging is loose and uneven.

► If the ends of the packaging outside the perfume are sealed evenly, it may be true, if there is too much slippage, it may be fake. Look above or below the perfume box to see these tips.

Things to consider when purchasing perfume:

► Before purchasing perfume, examine every aspect of the perfume you will buy on the internet.

► Compare the colors of the perfume you will buy with the perfume you have examined on the internet. Famous brands use small amounts of colorant in their perfumes. If the color of the perfume you buy is very bright, the perfume may be fake.

► Calculate the average value of the perfume on the Internet. If the perfume you will buy is far below this average, the perfume may be fake.

► If you tried the perfume and it flew away in a very short time, that perfume may be fake.

► Perfume on white napkin tighten. As we mentioned above; There is very little colorant in original perfumes. However, the rate of coloring in fake perfumes is quite high. Fake perfumes will leave a mark on the napkin with their high colorant ratio.

► If you get every detail about the personality of the fragrance as soon as you spray it, that perfume may be fake. It should not be forgotten that original perfumes have different notes. They give off different scents gradually.

► Finally; When purchasing perfume, try to buy it from reliable places. No employee of a store is selling perfume on the street.

Today how to understand the original perfume We tried to answer the question and ways to understand fake perfume We included. If you have a method in this regard, do not forget to share it with us as a comment.

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