In Turkey’s Top Cosmetic Nose Surgery With You Wonder About

Today, with the development of technology, many surgeries have become easier and painless. One of them is the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery rhinoplasty in Turkey. People who are not visually satisfied with their nose or who have to have a nose job for health reasons can safely apply to this method. Rhinoplasty is an aesthetic application preferred by men as well as women.

An Effortless Operation!

Technological developments in medicine have undoubtedly found a large place in the field of aesthetics. The operation period, which used to be painful, became less painful thanks to these developments. Long-lasting bruises, painful process, tampon and stitch removal periods are now more easily overcome. The number of people who postponed their surgery because of these negative situations has decreased considerably from the past to the present. Now, with the various surgical methods used and the products used after the surgery, easier operations are possible without pain. With the development of surgery, postoperative scarring has also been minimized. Scarring is minimized thanks to more sensitive stitches and self-melting threads. Situations that may adversely affect the person’s image are largely eliminated. The bruises that occur after nasal aesthetics differ from person to person. Some people will not have bruises, and in some people, it can vary between a week and three months.

Perhaps one of the first procedures that comes to mind when it comes to nasal surgery is the nasal rasping method, which is generally preferred by those with an arched nose. In cases where the arch area is large, the surgeon may choose the method of correction by cutting that area. However, the rasp process will be a more accurate and error-free method compared to the cutting method. Rhinoplasty is not applied to individuals under the age of 18 if there is no adverse health condition. In order for the surgical procedure to be performed, the fact that the person has completed the bone development is the most important factor that ensures a more accurate result. Rhinoplasty surgery can be performed with general anesthesia or with the help of local anesthesia. However, a choice should be made considering this situation, since the patient undergoing local anesthesia is adversely affected or afraid, which may affect the doctor.

Is Nose Aesthetics Possible Without Surgery?

It is not possible to make changes in the way with non-surgical rhinoplasty. Corrections can be made on the nose with only minor interventions ● Nasal Filling: It is a procedure performed using small injections in just 40 minutes without anesthesia. This method is mostly chosen by people who do not want to undergo nose surgery. The fact that the filling materials used are more reliable than in the past, largely eliminates the problems to be encountered. Patients who are not satisfied with the nasal arch are given a flat shape with the filling applied to the arch root. It is a method that can be applied to patients who are not satisfied with the tip of the nose ● Nasal Tip Botox: It is the botox application made from the inside of the muscle at the end where the nose and lip meet. In this way, the muscle releases itself and the nose looks more raised.

What Should Be Considered After Nose Aesthetics?

After aesthetic surgery, it is necessary to be protected from all possible blows, especially for a few weeks. It would be better not to wash the head area in order to prevent the plaster applied in the first week after the operation from getting wet. It is useful to use a high pillow while lying down in order to minimize the swelling that occurs after nose aesthetics. Blood thinners and foods should be avoided. Nasal sprays and creams recommended by your doctor should be used.

How Much Are Nose Aesthetics Prices?

Aesthetic surgery takes between 40 minutes and 3 hours. Rhinoplasty prices vary according to the procedure to be performed. Transactions such as the structure of the nose, nasal arch, and the removal of meat / cartilage inside the nose cause price changes. If you want to have the most suitable nose for your face with the opinion of a specialist doctor, Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. You can make an appointment with Alpaslan Topçu.