Pregnancy is a period in which the search for a new balance between the needs of the mother and those of the child directly affects the woman socially and spiritually and very important changes are experienced. There should be an understanding of “live for yourself” in which the individual creates his or her own lifestyle based on the advice of doctors, but also taking into account his own personal story.

Travels and holidays

In general, anything a woman feels she can do is appropriate. It is unnecessary to have a holiday “suitable for baby’s health”; only all aspects of travel need to be well organized. For example, if controls and examinations are required, it should be investigated in advance whether it is possible to do them at the destination, and if the travel will take too long, break schedules should be made. There are no prohibitions on any type of climate or means of transport (but some airlines do not allow women to fly after the 7th month of pregnancy), except for all cases of major risk and discomfort that we can categorize as “adventure travel”. 

Physical activity

Physical activity is important throughout the life cycle and it is beneficial in terms of preventing negative consequences such as loss of muscle strength, stiffening of joints, restricted energy consumption, constipation, etc. 

There is never a requirement for health – at least during pregnancy – to exercise; The main thing is to move regularly every day. 

Sexual intercourse

Contrary to what is said even today, it does not pose a risk to the baby. It should be avoided only in certain specific cases where the doctor recommends suspending sex life (at risk of miscarriage, premature birth or premature rupture of the membranes), but if the pregnancy is in order and progressing smoothly, there is no justification for defending such a ban.

In this period when the balances between couples are undergoing significant changes, a moment of intimacy and communication, such as sexuality, is something that should definitely be protected and valued.