The Beauty Trend That Makes People A Strange Immediately On Hearing: Nose Hairs

We can all agree that beauty trends are getting more and more weird now?

Wavy eyebrows and lips, feather eyebrows, braided eyebrows, marble lips… And many more trends we have forgotten have come and gone. Now we’re dealing with another weird trend: Nostril hair!

The nose hair trend makes you feel awkward as soon as you hear it, right?

Those who are tired of false eyelashes now can use them for their nostrils. Because prominent nose hair is so trendy!

Even if there are those who say “I don’t need false eyelashes for this interesting look”, they can make their nose hair like this with the help of jelly.

This trend, initiated by a user named “@ gret_chen-chen” on Instagram for ridicule, caused various reactions among other users.

“We focused on the eyebrows, touched the eyelashes a bit; Only our nose hair remained. “

Do you think this is a very appropriate comment that summarizes the issue?

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