Weekly fashion inspiration: Instagram styles of style Icons

There are so many questions to ask for style icons .. What is it dressed? Where did he go? What’s going on? What does he wear? What does he use? What is he wearing? Their preferences definitely affect everyone. We have prepared a list for the styles of icons that we follow with pleasure; here is our list:

Caroline Daur

Caroline, who started her own website via Instagram; continues to work by producing content for fashion, health, life, travel departments. The style can be interpreted as the sweet sexiness of naughty girls. Black nail polishes are everyone’s favorite, Dior. His blond hair is on our radar with his short length and sweetness.

Alex Riviere

Alex is among the most fond of Instagram care phenomena. Considering that her boyfriend and herself are also addicted to fit and sports, it is certain that she will never give up care. It has a brand named Alex’n Rivi. It serves to provide expertise and services in Creative Guidelines, Production and Digital Marketing for Fashion and Luxury brands. We follow him with pleasure.

Victoria Rader

Victoria, who attracted the attention of Turks with her Istanbul trip last month; Although she has a child, she is thin and abdominal! She is definitely stylish with her short and sparkling hair. We can say from the most natural beauty because there is no plastic surgery! There is a clothing brand called Vicyrader and continues to produce content as influencer.

Olivia Palermo

And Olivia Palermo, which we call indispensable in this list. He is the first and only name that comes to mind when it comes to style! If you say how it provides, of course, we can say that it has 2 style consultants and it has continuous support. Olivia offers beauty travel shopping from the online website she founded under her own name. Every fashion show participation is strictly followed. In style, we can say that it is our first row. Her sweet marriage and dog are our favorites!